Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trev's Thursday night hills.

Tom is doing one in town-ish. I am doing 3 X Cochrane. Leaving my place at 6:30pm sharp. Ride EASY out to Cochrane. 3 hills (2 sitting, 1 standing) then coming EASY home. Would like to meet some new dudes and catch up with old ones. If we have enough people we will Autralian Pursuit!

Bring blinkies on your bike if you've got them.

Link to My Place. Lots of parking.



Mark said...

Hey Trev, I am in. I will salvage my blinkie off of my mtn bike. Hopefully it still works.

Anonymous said...

Which way are you coming into Cochrane? 1A? or Retreat Road way? I had big hill planned for tonight too, so thought I could ride out towards Calgary until I meet up with you guys then come back to Cochrane to play on the hill.

Trev said...

We will come out directly on the 1A since I want an easy ride out there just to warm up. We'll meet you!


Harley Borlee said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Will be there

Mike Hoang

Andrew said...


just let me know if you still want COP @ 7:00 or ride with Trev..



Amanda said...

Hi! I'll be there!

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