Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moment of Truth ITT Cancelled

This just out:

We regret to inform you that the Moment of Truth ITT at Dunbow Road, scheduled to start at 11:00 on Sunday, April 5 has been canceled.

The Race/Ride Committee has determined that the forecast temperatures at start time are too cold to proceed as planned in the interest of running an enjoyable event and while ensuring maximum participation by everyone who wants to come out and try their first race.

The next race on the Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club calendar is the Kananaskis ITT at Highway 68, scheduled to start at 11:00 on Sunday, April 19. More details will be available shortly and we look forward to getting as many racers as possible out to this exciting new course.

The C4 Race/Ride Committee

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Anonymous said...

Crankmasters folks,

I applaud your decision to cancel the race, and the reasoning you provided.

In due course, the warmer weather must arrive, and with it the opportunity to have some fun out there.



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