Friday, April 3, 2009

Paul Anderson and his love of the Running Skirt

On a training run, Paul Anderson jogged along, wishing for a little inspiration to help him through what felt like his millionth workout of his triathlon career. As he glanced at his reflection in a store window, he realized something was missing. It wasn't the performance in his apparel, but the lack of attitude.

When he got home, he immediately scribbled the word "Pretty!" on a piece of scratch paper, taking the historic first step toward what is now the culture of SkirtSports, a company that lives by the idea that fun and fitness is a lifestyle choice that nurtures confidence and happiness. As a swimmer, runner, and biker, and bike shop owner Anderson endeavored to give the everyday man extra attitude and style and add inspiration to their workout.

A passion born, the SkirtSports line launched in 2005, mirroring the idea that men should never have to sacrifice femininity for performance in their workout clothes. In the first year, skirts flew off the shelves, selling out by mid-season, to runners, cyclists, triathletes, tennis players, and fashionistas, and the Skirt buzz grew. Paul has never found a clothing line that suited him so well.

You can see Anderson occasionally at Speed Theory, where he likes to model the product and pretend he is a runway model at fashion show. Paul Anderson will be the first person to run up the ladder to get you something off the top shelf.

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Paul Anderson said...

thanks for posting this article, I'm blushing from the waist down.
Please don't idolize me, I just think it is important for people to see me as just a regular gal, doing what I can for the sport and for style. Fast and Feminine the hallmarks of Speed Theory.

I think we have that size, yup way up here on the top shelf. Now if I could only invent running panties that didn't ride up so far.

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