Sunday, April 12, 2009

Team Helmets, Second Clothing Order, race this weekend.

We are going to give the opportunity to get team helmets to those who want them. By no means should you feel pressured to get these. I want people spending their money on race entries and training hard. But if you have a few extra C-notes laying around, then ST is providing the team with these helmets at a very good price. They have both in the store to try on for sizes. If you want a helmet, choose it from the list on the new clothing order form (see below) and follow the clothing order form instructions.

Clothing (2nd round)
Now that people have had the opportunity to assess the style and quality of our new kit, and to those who joined after the first deadline. We will get another round opening as of TUES afternoon. This one will be a fast open and close so we get people in their clothing as fast as possible. So watch for the post on Tues. 

(Side note: we owe Harley $34.32, Frank $34.32, Jason $30.36, Charles $13.20, Mike H $30.36, Carl $34.32, that ordered and paid for winter cycling gloves, fleece caps, and leg warmers, I will contact you directly..does everyone agree with this list?)

Race this Weekend
If you're cool, you race lots. This isn't a focus race, but it is great training. Also, it would be good if most Cat5s and Women raced it so we can split the Cat5 group up into functional training units. It is a Crankmaster race, so you will have to pay either their seasonal race fee, or a drop in fee.  It isn't free, but it's bloddy cheap.


Clarke E said...

Am I reading it right that you have to be 30 years old to ride in any of those Crankmaster races? I'd like to be cool and race as much as possible.

Trev said...

No, that would be crazy to think young bucks couldn't race ?!?! They just give you a category of A+. Don't worry, you can still be cool!


Anonymous said...

Mike Hoang, not Mike C. on your list i think

Trev said...

Fixed, thanks.


Andrew said...

we gonna order arm warmers?

if so what are the sizes avaiable again?


matt said...

i'll be at the race, its gonna be an awesome weekend for the weather!

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