Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cranks ITT This Weekend - Cat 5s

Question for the Cat 5s planning on doing the Cranks ITT this weekend. I know Trev wants to use this race as a benchmark for training proposes. So to keep things fair, should we all do it Merckx style (no aero gear, no deep-dish rims)? Thoughts?


Clarke E said...

Sounds good to me, not that I have any of that aero gear anyways.

Andrew said...

Can't make this Sunday... I have an exam Monday

I only have 'Budgeted' some time for a Saturday ride if the studying is going well

Anonymous said...

Merckx style is the way forward! Lets all don our wollen ST cycling jeresys and have bottle filled with vino too, for the real retro feel!

Matt Mackay said...

i have no aero gear either, but whatever everyone else wants. Does anyone know if we can pay for the race that morning?

Trev said...

I think that is a good idea Darcy. However, with Bici ITT looming, if people want race experience on their TT machines, maybe it would be a good idea.

I am actually planning on using my TT bike since I have dramatically changed the position on it and I want to race once before Bici on the new setup.


Trev said...

Yes Matt you can. I would join the C4 race series.. I think it is 35 bucks.


Thomas said...

Hey Trev

Is the C4 series separate from the Crank Masters Club Races?

a.k.a. do we have to register for both separately?

a.k.a. do both series cost $35 each?

Thomas said...

I found the info on I was looking for Karelo.

The Secondary Crank Masters membership is good for both series.

a.k.a. $35 for both series, what a deal!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to dial in my TT bike too - regular bike, higher forward position seat, with clip-on aero bars. If you are going to be doing any TTs you need to have clip-ons at least. Biggest aero bang for the buck by far.


Mark said...

Game on ... no aero gear or a TT bike for this guy. I am ready to go fast since I just got my first tune-up in three years (don't ask why ... just go with it).

Rob, you still want to carpool?

Trev, do think there will be an issue if our license is not shipped out yet?

Trev said...

Just email Monica at the ABA and confirm that she has it, or print out your Karelo registration confirmation. Then no problem.


Andy H said...

Unfortunately I won't be able to ride this weekend because I will be in Edmonton.

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