Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Ride

Anyone want to join me for a ride in the south on Friday?
I like to meet at coffee shops, not parking lots. So here:
I have no kids or other responsibilities in general so I ride at a reasonable hour.
I'd suggest a 10am departure time after enjoying a delicious Cafe Rolo.
The pace of the ride should be appropriate for any level of racer.
If you are speedy, come prepared to ease up a little.
If you are pokey, come prepared to dig deep.
We'll keep everyone together and enjoy the sunshine.

Things that are hot:
Riding to the meeting spot
Shaved legs
Buying me a coffee
Wearing your new ST kit

Things that are not:
Aero bars
Tight schedules


RobLukacs said...

I'm in.

Mark said...

I just may join ... unfortunately my legs are not shaved right now ... but I am okay with not being hot. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Are you riding your road or cross bike?

Thomas said...

Nice, a south ride!

I'm in.

CDF said...

Would this be too fast for a moderately experienced but old Cat5?

If it makes any difference I'll buy coffee if I don't get dropped, I've burned my aero bars and shaved my legs.

CDF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mikehealy said...

i'll be there

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