Thursday, April 30, 2009

Packing? Don't Forget Keys...

At the Master's Provincials last year an H & R Block rider (Trev, help me out, was it Adam or Gideon?) drove out to Crossfield, only to realize he forgot the keys to unlock his bike from the roof rack. His race was over pretty early, and we all felt for the guy. Of course, my race was over early too. A Cat 5 in Masters A? I was a little out of my league...

But seriously. Stuff I have forgotten or has been forgotten by people I know:

- helmet
- cycling shoes
- front wheel (thankfully, not for a race)

And don't forget the race license.

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Dennis said...

Yah it was Adam. Other things to remember are a bicyle pump and your NUMBERS (both frame plate and pin-ons). And tie wraps and pins. And something to cut the sharp tie wrap ends with so that they don't poke against your leg with every pedal revolution and cause bleeding after 15 km of the Velocity RR (hypothetical example).

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