Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dallas at Maple Ridge's 'Race the Ridge'

Dallas 'represented' this weekend in a race in BC. I love the video work of the start of the circuit race and in the pack there... cool. Check out his race report.


Dennis said...

Wow, awesome vid Dallas!

DalRock said...

It was a great event. Top shelf B.C. road racing.

In the first race, the 10 lap 100km: The Teams dominated, launching assault after assault on the hilly slopes/ never flat/ until a break succeeded. The rest of their Team guys road nuetral in the pack, or did random sprints to break the shattered. Solo mentions with myself, were Live Strong Rider Cody Campbell and Rocky Mtn rider Steph Widmer. Then another break formed from Cyrus, that I couldn't stay with...
the chase pack still following some 6 minutes back( I had to rejoin).
I was now hanging in that pack after blowing up a bit, but recovered. And finally stuck my own attack on last lap, but alas, 18th place.
In previous years... broken racer people were clipping out and walking the pavement climbs at Race the Ridge. It's a tough course.

Sunday, I was feeling good for the ITT after practicing my Time Trial at the last Crankmaster event. I moved up 3 spots after that, to 15th place. Almost a minute off fastest time. Cyrus got 9th and was still top H&R guy.
TREK Red Truck, Total Restoration and Garneau Evo were all top times.

Later Sunday, the 1/2 pavement, 1/2 gravel circiut course claimed many victims in the form of flats and crashes. I however had no issues with the Off-Roading, and road a good race finishing in the final Sprint just behind Cyrus.
That finish moved me up a little more again, to 13th in GC.

Then I drove back to Calgary where I was greeted by a blinding white-out crap storm nearly 10km from my house... after a sunny drive the whole way.

DalRock said...

Thanks for the props.

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