Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Damn exchange rate ?!?!

Well, I got the invoice from Champion-Systems yesterday. You know you are a big club when you get a $13,222.00 bill ! And that is in US ?!?!  Anyway, I factored in the exchange rate to be 1.2 (making our bill $15866) when we calculated the prices, since we were well under that at the time. Now, today we find ourselves at 1.265, which comes out to $16,741. Lame. That is almost $1k difference. Anyway, I am mainly posting this so people know where some of our club money got eaten up. Stephen told me a good trick to mitigate this from happening again in the future, by converting the money to USD the moment I collect it (I will open a USD account for next time). But that will only help us next year, does anyone have crazy awesome any ideas on how to go back in time so we don't lose this money this year? :)

A couple quick fun facts about our order:
84 short sleeve jerseys
52 bib shorts
36 Cycling Caps



Carson said...
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Carson said...

Contact this guy.. might work. :-)

Thomas said...

I'm ok with paying the difference on my order, no problem.

The increase in exchange is so minimal that the difference should be small for each individual.

$1000 between 50 racers is peanuts.

just my $0.02

please don't flambe me :P

Thomas said...

I also volunteer for the mission Carson's comment.

Scott G-C said...

Can't we wait a week for the American Economy to tank again and then they will owe us money.

Just joking, if your need Trev, I can pay the difference for my stuff.


Anonymous said...

I had an awesome idea for time travel but I bumped my head and now I can't remember what it was.

Rod M.

Trev said...

I am still burnt out by the logistic nightmare of doing the 1st massive order with so many options for so many people, so I am not going to get people to pay a difference. I just wanted people to know what was going on. I think next year, I won't cut it so tight, and also will do what Stephen suggested.

Carson, that was really funny. I hope you don't mind me adding it to the post.

Thanks guys for your support. I hope to hear word on when they'll be shipping soon. As soon as the invoice is paid, there is no hold up on this side.

Tom 'Chicken Legs' Kenny said...

Let me know whay I owe you Trev.

RobLukacs said...

It's people's comments like these that make my work day so enjoyable.

I'd love to go back in time, but that would only delay my getting a girlfriend, wouldn't it Mr. Kenny.

Scott G-C said...

If I could go back in time I would build a time machine and I would give it my younger self so I could see the future.

Just like that episode of Star Trek the Next Generation.

Thomas said...

The Power of Love??

Anonymous said...

You remember on Star Trek when they stole Spock's Brain, that was cool

Opps sorry, wrong blog

Keith Bayly said...

Didn't every episode of Star Trek the Next Generation involve time travel?

Carson said...

No problemo on using the image.... in return you must summon your team to work for me during the Tour De Bowness races... deal?

Larry Welsh said...

I am willing to pay the exchange difference Trev. You put a lot of work into getting us the order and I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for the top up from everyone. My 2.48 cents

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