Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday ride 10am

Stephen, Alex, and I will be heading out for a 3 - 4hour ride from Rocky Ridge Coop at 10am. Everyone is welcome to join. We will go west until we meet up with Simon, and then head north and do a loop. This will be a steady ride with a little tempo in the middle. If you want to come out to see what 'steady' and 'tempo' is, then by all means join us. However, this ride is intended to be a prep ride for Stephen for his 600km, so we won't be waiting too much. If you want to come out and see how long you can 'hang', practice pacelining, practice group riding, then I think that is cool.



Anonymous said...

providing 2 things
(1) my bike rack setup is ok
(2)i dont get lost (not to familiar with NW Cowotwn )

I'm in..
basically if Im not there by 10:10
.. please jet

Andrew Wolaniuk

Thomas said...

I'll be there.

DalRock said...

sorry i missed the fun... it was my birthday on Friday and ended up missing Stephen's get together...
hope y'all had a good'er

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