Saturday, April 18, 2009

Second Round Clothing (due April 23rd) UPDATE


I have added a few more options for the 'womens sizes' that were available but not explicit last time. I have added the options for the team helmets.

Note: I have left on the 'Accessories', however, we still need to make 'minimums' on that stuff, so I doubt we will get any. But if you really want something, maybe someone else does too, and order it, and you'll get a refund if we don't get the 'minimum' (which is 10).

Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet. The link is here and on the right of the blog.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have tried the 'Thermoshield' jacket out and it is great.

For a few dudes, you have a 'credit' from last order. If you are ordering something this time, just take your credit off your total when writing the cheque (make a note of it on the comment space). If you don't order anything, I will write you a cheque. Here are the dudes with credits:
Harley $34.32, Frank $34.32, Jason $30.36, Charles $13.20, Mike H $30.36, Carl $34.32, Cat $138.60, Tanya $138.52

If it is easier than dropping a cheque off at the store. You can INTERAC me the money to the email you send the spreadsheet too. Just make sure you tell me the password!


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