Monday, April 6, 2009

Second Clothing Order. Call for Race Organization Help.

First off, great to see people hooking up for some riding this weekend. I finally got outside with Alex and Stephen, and dudes I haven't ridden with before Simon, Andrew W., and Thomas. We had a long sufferfest since we rode north with a tailwind for about 1.5hours before realizing it would be a LONG ride home :)   Keep up the ride posting and getting outside and ready to race! I hope to meet and ride with all that intend to race soon.

OK guys, we have had 11 people join since we had our clothing deadline. Also, several of you have expressed interest in buying additional stuff. The $16.5k charge went on my card this morning, so I am expecting the clothes will arrive either Fri or early next week. I will set up a 'Second Round' for ordering soon. What we can do is let everyone assess the quality and style of the gear when it gets in and then make a decision at that time. Sound good?

Race Organization
I need help with a few race organization things very soon with the June 6th ITT looming. Please email me or comment if you can help out with a few behind-the-scenes things. I will give you a small duty that won't take up much time, but will help clear my plate a bit.  I will also get out the volunteer guide very soon for people to sign up. I am going to ask Thomas to help me get an online form to complete so people can sign up for stuff easily. If you have experience in this field, please contact me.


Dan Sigouin said...


I am willing to help in any role with the team that you need. My skills range from lifting heavy objects, CAD standards, to the occasional funny blog post. I have also volunteered at scotch tastings.

What ever you need, I will do my best.


Lockie said...

I'm happy to help out wherever. I added to my skills "count to 20 in Arabic" on the plane today, which could help if we get a lot of international competitors.

M said...

Trev, I'm event director for the Calgary KOS tri on that weekend, so I'll help out before hand.

Tom K said...

Trev, I can help out.
My skills don't include: lifting heavy things, thinking under pressure or counting in Arabic. However, I am skilled at lounging about, witty raparte and drinking cold liquids.

DalRock said...

It's the same course as last year ?

polishbaba said...

let me know how i can help

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