Thursday, April 16, 2009

Training Ride Forum..... and UFC night?

David had a good idea today that since the Training Rides are bumping a lot of the other posts, like Rod's trash talk of Lachlan's ride, and Sandra's Women's post, down into obscurity too quickly, that we 'stick' a Training Ride Forum at the top of this website, and then only if people are interested in going for a ride, do they need to check that.  Thoughts ?

Anderson Silva is fighting... I want to watch. Is anyone hosting a UFC party?

Also Jason Macdonald is fighting, also, Liddel is fighting, also Kongo is fighting.



Thomas said...

I think that's not a bad idea. One has to be careful though. Forums need moderation. They can get unruly with spambots.

Maybe just setup a second blog on just for training rides.

Tom K said...

Maybe a link on the right side of the blog page to a Google Calander would work (rather than another blog). It has a What, When, Where already built in and attendees can simply add thier name to the description portion.

Scott G-C said...

I would also suggest using the google calendar, it would allow the most constant ability to set up a ride. Rather than having to look at tons of post to see if some has put a ride for Saturday, I can just look at the calendar.

If people do not want to learn how to use the calendar, I would volunteer to give out my email address and post the details for people.

Scott G-C said...

oh and about the UFC, I am not hosting a part, but would love more details might be fun to come watch.

Thomas said...

Google calendar is a good idea as it is a "Calendar", though it doesn't really facilitate discussion. Not that a discussion is required by any means but it seems people tend to correspond somewhat in the comments as well as making updates or changes to ride status.

I also seem to experience a lot of downtime in the calendar widget that is currently on the site, not sure if others have this problem though.

Lockie said...

Rod M said...

We should have Speed Theory UFC, I will fight either Dennis or Mike G.

David said...

The reason for the forum suggestion is that a blog is not a good forum for discussions. I don't really want to ask questions about racing on the blog because it will push far more important threads off the main page and likely out of the eye of the majority of the team members. A blog may have been good enough when the team was small, but I think that it is the incorrect tool for what this blog is turning into.



Trev said...

I would take on David.. this would raise my pain threshold so high that cycling would seem easy !!

OK, let's give this forum thing a go.


Lockie said...

For watching UFC, I've heard Paul's place is The Bomb.

If he already has a sell-out crowd, I could get it at my place. Be warned brother and I are putting up drywall all Saturday, so if we're not done by fight-time, I might get you to hold something in place during ad breaks...

mgodfrey said...

Rod, if you can make weight in my weight class you are on. I have a feeling if you get under 57 kilos you will be so weak, I'll be able to take you! Otherwise, no not interested in going up 4 weight classes, I saw what happened to BJ Penn when he fought GSP

Rod M said...


I only have to lose 45 pounds, I'll cut of both my legs and beat you with them.

As a general rule I only fight people that I out weigh by 40 pounds or more, I am suprizingly weak for my size.

I also fight obese people, but our club is lacking in that department.

Dan said...


If you want to see obese people you should come to SAIT to watch me swim.

I clear the pool like a Tsunami wave. The lifeguards run for cover when I strut onto the deck with my red banana hammock and flutter board.

I'm hoping to make the "fatter then clydesdales" category in Ironman Arizona!

Slayer Dan

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