Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saturday Ride

If all the stars align and the weather holds, I'm up for a group ride Saturday. Leaving Westhills around 11:00 (after it has warmed up some) do a short tour, say 50km or so depending on how freaking cold it is.

This would be a social ride so I can get to know some of you.
Meet at the Second Cup at 11:00 or at my house at 10:30.

Here's the video from last Saturday in Tucson with Stephen. There was no snow there whatsoever.


Thomas said...

Cool video, very jealous.

Anonymous said...

I think the weather will be better Sunday...

any chance we push it to that day?


Tom 'Chicken Legs' Kenny said...

I'm pooched for Sunday with other commitments. Saturday looks a bit grim, but I'll hold my breath just in case it's nice.

Dan Sigouin said...


I am considering riding with you. Are you still thinking of going? I will probably ride from my house in Arbour Lake and meet you in Westhills.

Slayer Dan

Anonymous said...

I;m on the fence. If it gets above zero, at least, I;m on. If it's cold, I might do a couple of hills and callit a day. If it's a bit warmer I'll go for a short ride.
Lets review at 10:00


Dan Sigouin said...

I am pretty concerned about my fitness. After seeing all of the motivated cat 5 guys last night foaming at the mouths, it looks like I am going to be road kill.

Unless there is a mega blizzard in the next 2 hours, this big diesel is leaving Arbour Lake at 10:00 and heading towards Westhills.

I hope this will get me a certificate of appreciation of suffering. I'm way down in the points for that.

Tom 'Chicken Legs' Kenny said...

I think you're probably rated as a "Suffering Technologist" by the sounds of it.
Still -3 here. I'm thinking of pushing it back to the afternoon, maybe at 2:30 - 3:00 after the sun has been out for a while.

Does that work for you? I think I can convince Alan to make it at 3:00 as well

Dan Sigouin said...

We have a dance competition tonight for our daughter downtown. I would have about 15 minutes to ride so I'm going out now.

Have a good ride and I'll catch up with you guys another time.

S Dan

Anonymous said...

The later time suits me. I'll look for updates.

Dan Sigouin said...

117.5km little chilly but manageable. Left at 10:00, back at 2:15.

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