Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday Ride

For people not riding in the TT Sunday (or if you are and feel energetic) I was planning a ride from the Rocky Ridge Co-op Saturday 9am - heading toward Cochrane then North toward the Madden golf course - ride the Stampede RR course one lap, stop for a drink at the golf course then back. Good ride if out early enough. 

Larry Welsh Cat 4


Jason B said...

Sounds like a great ride. I'll be there.

Carlos said...

I'll be there also!


roblukacs said...

I would come out to meet you guys, but I'm going to suffer greatly on Sunday and I want to be well rested. Saturday will be an easy spin day for me.

mgodfrey said...

Larry I think Slayer Dan and I are both in for this one. I am looking to do about 2.5 hours and have some interval work planned within the body of the ride. Still debating about the TT on Sunday, so Lukie you may have an easy time with me on Sunday if I do it! Michael

Slayer Dan said...


I'm running about 99% for getting there.

Robbie, not sure how to respond to your post, how are you going to be ready for TR if you don't plan to suffer in training and racing. Easy spin, what the heck is that! It's all about doling pain and suffering.


Larry Welsh said...

Sounds great guys - intervals are good - there are many hills as well that can give us sufficient pain and suffering...frankly I'm just excited to go riding with someone named 'slayer'...although Dan is a bit of a strange last name but whatever.


Trev said...

Rob is doing TR ??


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