Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Know Your Victory Salutes

Shamelessly stolen from RoadBikeRider.com:
  • Two arms upraised: Classic, says it all.

  • One arm upraised: See above, only too tired to raise other arm.

  • Rocking imaginary baby: I dedicate this win to my newborn daughter/son.

  • Pointing index finger skyward: I dedicate this win to my deceased teammate/coach/bike washer.

  • Pumping a clenched fist: Take that, you disbelieving team manager/cycling journalist/boy- or girlfriend who dumped me.

  • Firing invisible pistol: I'm the baddest hombre in town.

  • Shooting invisible bow and arrow: I'm the baddest indigenous person on the prairie.

  • No salute: I hope there isn't any drug testing.


Trev said...

OMG... please please don't tell me Rebellin just tested positive ?!?!


'No-hand salute' for him :(


Dan Sigouin said...


That is really funny.
I'm going with my Coulee Cruiser post with a middle finger salute, aimed right at Mother Nature.


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