Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Racing is awesome.

OK, the race season seems to be shaping up in terms of the midweek stuff. My suggestion is to try out as many races as possible if you are new to the sport. If you want to get better at a specific dicipline, then focus on one series. Stephen, Lachlan, Alex, and I really dug the C4 races last year, while Keith, Dallas, Lachlan, and Dennis were digging the Midweek-Mayhem.

It is totally awesome that the opportunity to race every week, multiple times exists. Just monitor your recovery! If you are new to the sport, any amount of racing is going to help. However, if you are serious about performing well in one of these series', or at an ABA race on the weekend, make sure to monitor your effort levels throughout the season. A good rule of thumb is no more than 2 really hard efforts a week.

Link to the C4 Racing Blog. (a mix of fun RR and ITT events)
Link to the Midweek-Mayhem site. (hardcore crits that will make you faster)

Let's get a lot of people to ALL the races series' and ABA events. We have the get out and race !!


Andrew said...

I will do the Wednesday C4 racing also...

thank you for the insight about going hard..

I found being new to the sport I have the tendacy to try "go hard" always... ended up showing up on Sundays burned out from the week..

Darcy G said...

I did both Midweek Mayhem and the WNS. I stink at crits, but they're great interval training.

DalRock said...

Ya I don't just do the Midweek Mayhem Crits, I run them.
So anybody looking for an Intro or what it's all about?. I can certainly help you out, juniors, ladies, vets, it's all good, everyone welcome.
May 5th.

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